Places To See And Discover In The Adelaide Hills

This region of undulating hills which belong to the Mount Lofty region lies east of the Adelaide urban region. The hills are easy access from the city and are popular with visitors through the year. It is a popular weekend getaway destination for many as it is only a few hours’ drive from the urban landscape of Adelaide. function venue

  • Different landscapes to discover Even if the low lying hills do offer cool climate through the year and a welcome respite during the summer months, there are flat terrains as well as hilly areas to discover in this region. The South Terrace region is close to the hills and offers a landscape of wonderful parklands that are situated at the foothills. Here you could stop by quaint towns like Stirling, whose autumnal landscape gets people from all over, simply to admire the red hues of the falling leaves and how they adorn the streets here. Many historic buildings such as mansions and manors here, which showcase Georgian architecture, have been converted into hotels and resorts. You can book yourself for a weekend at such places or book one of them as Adelaide wedding reception venues. The vineyards are the main attraction here, which are several as can be found in and around Lobethal town.
  • Cultural attractions to exploreThe region has a unique cultural aspect that showcases itself in the lives and heritage of the towns and settlements here. There had been a German settlement here whose cultural influences can be found in the language as well as the food and other communal habits seen in the old world towns here. A mount Lofty area not only has some select hotels and wineries, but also a lookout area, fire spotting tower and other local attractions. Many opt for function venues Adelaide in this area for the scenic views it offers. The wine of the region defines the food and drinks here; due to the oldest and premier wine growing region here, one can enjoy wine tasting sessions as well as weekends at the wineries here which include delectable and gourmet meals as well. The above points help one to know all the glamor that lies in and around Adelaide Hills. Whether one is planning a weekend getaway, a special anniversary celebration or a wedding venue that is close to the city, there can be different places in this region that would prove ideal. As the summer months are near, the Adelaide Hills will provide the perfect respite from the summer heat and ideal venues for summer weddings as well.